How to Convert Black Money Into White Online without Tax


Know How to How to Convert Black Money Into White Online : Hey Guys welcome to our site. Here you will get to know How you can convert your black money into white without paying any tax. So read our full article for the information.

Covert Black Money into White

First of all, make sure what is black money? Black Money is the income which has been evaded by not giving tax. It can be earned in both the manners by legal as well as illegal. The Black money can be defined as the money earned and received cash not on the bank deposit and could be hidden from the government for not paying the tax.

How Black Money is Generated?

There is a example of how the black money is generated? Suppose there is a Government Service Officer and you want to buy a property. Firstly you have to make some document files. As on demand the officer demands extra money to do this work easy and early as possible. So if he demands 50 thousand rupees or 1 lakh rupees and you pay him this amount so the amount paid to him was illegal and this will not add to tax purposes. So the amount you pay refers as black money which he earned.

Big Question ! Convert Black Money into White

If you are searching for converting black money into white then there are various ways. Like you can take the help of businessmen or any self employeed person by exchanging or offering the money to them in exchange of some goods or any other things. Some people earn black money by selling drugs, child prostitution rings etc in the black market. It can be converted in the various methods are as follows.

  • You can increase the sales price of any goods
  • By depositing in bank in less than the amount Rs 50,000
  • Sale of Jewelleries of Gold, Diamonds
  • By spending the money in agricultural way
  • Get Gifts from Friends and relatives on any special occasions
  • By Investing in buying properties
  • Buying Goods and Services
  • Spending the amount on Weddings and Functions
  • Giving donations and School Fees

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