World Aids Day 2016 Facebook Status Lines Thoughts Quotes for WhatsApp FB

World AIDS Day 2016 status for whatsapp fb
World AIDS Day 2016 status for whatsapp fb

Do you want Some International / World Aids Day FB Status Quotes Thoughts Lines for facebook Whatsapp In Hindi English Language? If Yes! Then Don’t Forget to Read This Article.

World Aids Day Hindi Status for WhatsApp

World Aids Day WhatsApp Status In Hindi English : World Aids day is celebrated on 1st December every year all the the world since 1988. But is known world widely when president of United Nation announce the world Aids day in 1995.  AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) caused by the (Human immunodeficiency virus) called HIV which make immune system week and unhygienic by this any virus can attack easily. HIV is a virus which attacks the T-cells of the immune system and causes the disease known as AIDS. A survey was conducted in 2003 at that time it was 3 million who were suffering for Aids. From that day till now it is Increase by 3.8 million approximately.

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 2016 World Aids Day Thoughts for Facebook

  • “If you judge people you have no time to love them”.
  • “This AIDS stuff is pretty scary. I hope i don’t get it”.
  • “I know one man who was importent who gave AIDS to his wife and the only thing they did was kiss”.
  • “You can’t get AIDS from a hug or a handshake or a meal with a friend”.
  • “The AIDS is a disease that is hard to talk about”.
  • “Small AIDS to individuals, large AIDS to masses”.
  • “give a child love. laughter and peace . Not AIDS “.

1 Dec World Aids Day One Line Status Quotes

Spread knowledge to you baby not Aids. Give you baby happiness, not Aids so when every any couple is in exited state instead of doing thing insecurely do the thing securely. you are only some second away from you security if u ware condom or it will become a big rugrat if you don’t us it.

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1 Dec 2016 World Aids Day 2016 Quotes for WhatsApp FB

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