100+ Best Short Best Sad Status For WhatsApp


Sad WhatsApp Status 2017: Hello everyone today we are going to share some of the best Sad Status in Hindi and English. Whatsapp is the popular messenger app which is used worldwide by people. Mostly girlfriends and boyfriends search for WhatsApp Sad Status so we have came up. As we see every WhatsApp user keep changing their status in 2-3 days. Whatapp is only made for people to chat wether is they send texts, images, videos or anything. Whatsaap is an online working app is uses the data to get connected with people around the world. If you talk about messaging then WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app it have even left Facebook back. Status basically represents the current status or current mood of that person. So if you are  sad then here are collection of 100+ Best Short Best Sad Status For WhatsApp. All regular WhatsApp uses changes their WhatsApp status and profile pic regularly. If you are felling sad by anyone reason may be breakup or some family problem these whatsapp status will tell everyone about the pain you are felling inside. Now let’s check out our collection on Hindi, English, Punjabi, Telgu, Marathi, Gujrati Short Sad WhatsApp Status.

Sad WhatsApp Status 2017
Sad WhatsApp Status 2017

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Short Sad Status For Whatsapp

So we have given below all the best sad staus, breakup status, alone sad status, painful status, dard bhare status, one line sad WhatsApp Sataus for you guys in Hindi and English language. Chose best of the best Short one line sad status from the collection given below.

Pain, Alone, Cry – Whatsapp Status

  • The most painful memory.. when I walked away and you let me go.
  • I just want to fall asleep until I don;t miss you anymore.
  • Life goes on with or without you!
  • When You Sit Alone …You Sit With Your Past …
  • I close my eyes and dream of a time when I wasn’t all alone.
  • I have to cut because it’s the only way I can smile.
  • Why does life keeps teaching me lessons that I’ve no desire to learn?
  • It’s better to be lonely than to be played by people.

One Line Sad Status For WhatsApp

  • Life goes on with or without you!
  • A beautiful girl with gorgeous EYES, a hidden world of HURT & LIES.
  • I hope you’ll realize how much you’re hurting me someday.
  • I’m slowly giving up.
  • I’m not afraid to fall in LOVE, I’m afraid to fall for a wrong person again.
  • If you give up on me, I’m going to give up on me too.
  • BEING IGNORED, worst feeling ever.
  • Make the most beautiful Mistakes, mine is you.
  • My silence is just another word for my PAIN.
  • You’re the only exception.
  • I’m leaving for our own Good, Now i am happy, how about you?
  • Sometimes the person you trust most is the least.

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So these were some sad crying status. Billions of people all around the world uses whatsapp and they set their status as per their current condition so I you think you are sad and you need painful cry status then check our post and find the best one. We share all types of long sad status, one line status, alone status, or I am going to die whatsapp status. I hope your friends will be going to like them and your status will be representing you, so you can tell them reason on your sadness easily. You can share these stays on Facebook and WhatsApp and tell everyone to use.